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Sure, Ceej Makes Good Films, But What About Vlog?



The Ceej has always been adamantly against the idea of just turning on the camera and talking. Vlogging just frosts his bum like a three-foot snowcone. However, sometimes he gets so frustrated with a Corporation that the only thing he can think of to do is defame them on the internet. Bad PR works surprisingly well against a Corporation when you can reach a large audience and they can't censor it. Sometimes he gets so excited that he has to share it with someone, and his fans are always so awesome.  Sometimes the vlogs are textual, with music, and sometimes they're true vlogs.  Then again, sometimes his vlogs are on better terms. Surprisingly to The Ceej, some people actually prefer his vlogs.  Who knew?

Here are the ones that still exist online.



This was The Ceej's first vlog, and he made it as his end of an ultimatum against Sanyo who sold him a lemon television that was designed, despite the outrageous price, to die within a year. Planned obsolesence is illegal in the UK for obvious reasons, but it's legal in the US because Corporations bought that law. Corporations are part of the government in the US. So, he made and posted it to defame them, but also attempted to make it entertaining.




 This one was made when The Ceej found out his entire correspondence with WD-40 was all a big jerk-around. He realised this when he got their standard form in the post. This also includes a song from a famous commercial, used as parody, which is covered as fair use.




And, now, you may be noticing this site changed. The Dailymotion references are long gone, and have been replaced by The Ceej's Vimeo account. The videos are also now referenced from Vimeo, rather than DM (Or MetaCafe as the video says. It just wasn't doing it for him. It being uploading his videos). This is because a facist moderator revoked his Motionmaker status because he was bitter he was complained about, and DM never cared enough to look into it. They said they would after three days of nagging, but that was the last Mr. Ceej heard from them, so Viddler was his thing until they went out of business. Corporations, when are you going to get it? You work for Mr. Ceej. You will go out of business if you don't get that.  But, Viddler did get that and they went out of business, so we could be wrong.




But, frustration isn't the only emotion that drives The Ceej to vlog.  Sometimes it's excitement. For example, if he receives the most awesome new toy he's ever had. As of three hours after this vlog was initially published, it was already the fan favourite The Ceej vlog.



Even without the annoations this video was originally designed for, this is an all right vlog.  Its main plus is that it's a parody of vlogs while still being one in and of itself.  Because this is linked from The Ceej's Vimeo, the annoations are missing, but it was originally made for his YouTube, so you can see the annoations there, if you're into that kind of thing.  The music is by Kevin McLeod.  Watch the credits for what tracks and where you can find more of his stuff.


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