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Since July, 2013, The Ceej has been performing live.  First trying his hand at stand-up at his agent's request, he was rather successful for a while.  He still uses stand-up now, but only to when tie his song parodies together.  Recordings of live shows are typically of rather low quality, and watching them isn't really the same as being there.  So, follow him on Facebook to find out when he's going to be performing near you.

These are referenced from Ceej's Vimeo.



Several months after his set, The Bible, FOX News, & Disney (see below), The Ceej saw Beauty And The Beast again, realising he had forgotten to make a joke about this. It's too bad, too, because this might have made that other set almost funny.






One of The Ceej's personal favourites, as well as the fans', The Greatest American Schizo is a parody of the theme song to The Greatest American Hero, Believe It Or Not, by Stephen Geyer and Mike Post. It makes fun of the way we treat those with mental illnesses and, of course, it's on Armed & Gregarious, which came out June 27th.




This song has everything. A parody of I Got You Babe, it's farcy, campy, dark, absurd, and even satirical, poking fun at the problems between Sonny & Cher. There's no way a live performance can do it justice, but it's on Armed & Gregarious, so you can hear it in its full beauty.




The Lady is a dark parody of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. The oldest piece The Ceej has parodied, he decided to edit it with music and special effects. The Lady is on Armed & Gregarious.




In November, 2014, The Ceej went into a crippling depression. He tried everything to get out of it, but nothing worked... Until he started making fun of it. They say laughter is the best medicine and it's usually not really. But, in this case, it was.




Near the end of October, 2014, The Ceej had no material planned, but he was worried about his impending colonoscopy.  He decided he would mostly improvise about that and it went surprisingly well in a set that, to this day, people are still talking about.  See what they're talking about.  Laugh at what they're talking about.  For nobody wants an Anal Intrusion.




The set below continued into another song about anal sex.  This time, a parody of Honesty by Billy Joel, which can also be heard on Armed & Gregarious.



By October 2014, The Ceej had discovered the secret for a successful set at Copper Top was pure raunch.  When he opened his set with this extremely vulgar parody of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun, he knew that set was going to go well.  The Ceej does not currently have plans to include this song on a record.




The Ceej closed that set on an old classic.  His joke about car commercials.  He thinks they're stupid.  Isn't it obvious?




Later in the same set as the previous two videos, The Ceej tied together three unlikely subjects inpspired by conversations with his friends.  Opinions are divided on this material.  Some love it, but some prefer his other material.




Immediately following the roast below, The Ceej did a stand-up set during the duration of his time on stage.  This is one joke from that set.  A week after he performed this, but still long before anyone who wasn't there that night saw it, comedian, Myq Kaplan, told a similar joke on Facebook.  It's said that great minds think alike...




In September, comedian, Matthew Tate, had a birthday and, for that birthday, The Ceej set aside part of his set to roast him.  This is that roast.  It was filmed at Maggie Meyers.




Sorry, Delilah is a parody of Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's. This hilarious song from The Ceej's 2009 record, Neko, was recorded live at Copper Top in September, 2014.




This is an abridged version of a bit The Ceej calls, "Semantic Complacency," which is loosely based off his editorial series by the same name, though quite a bit funnier.  Talking Junk is the most popular joke in the bit and has managed to pop up in other bits for this reason.  This particular video was filmed live at The Page in September, 2014.





Plastered is a parody of Stone Sour's Tired, and it is currently not on a record, nor are there plans for it to be in the foreseeable future.  It's still in the creative process, and this particular video was The Ceej trying out the first draft on the audience at Copper Top in August, 2014.




This is a different kind of set.  The video is abridged for time, but this was a Beach Boys parody medley about video games, followed by The Ceej's very favourite stand-up bit to perform.  The song is meant exclusively for live performance and is not on a record.  This particular recording was filmed at Copper Top in August, 2014.




Headache Tonight is a parody of Heartache Tonight by The Eagles. There was an older version of this on one of the old school albums, but it had few of the same lyrics and sounded horrible.  A studio version closer to this one may be released at some point in the future.  This particular recording was filmed at Copper Top in July, 2014.




Crazy is a parody of Justin Bieber's Baby. The studio version is on Armed & Gregarious. This particular recording was filmed at Hideaways in February, 2014.




For My Asian Boyfriend is an extremely offensive parody of a song by Sister Hazel. It can be found on PatriPSYCHotic!  This particular recording was filmed at Copper Top in January, 2014.




In A Speedo is an Elvis Presley parody from Armed & Gregarious.  You've probably heard In The Ghetto before, but check it out again. This particular recording was cut from the same set as In A Speedo above.




The Other Side is a Red Hot Chili Peppers parody from PatriPSYCHotic!  The original is called Otherside.  Go check it out.  This particular recording was cut from the same set as In A Speedo and For My Asian Boyfriend above.


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