Films Under Ceej: If It's Possible T Make Grass Growing Entertaining, Ceej Can Do It.

As If The Best Wasn't Bad Enough...



This video is a trailer for a film The Ceej did because he felt he had to. He wanted to prove he could take stupid footage and make it funny. He thinks he succeeded. Some of his friends do, too. At least they say they do. Do you? Because he actually had very little footage to work with, and wanted an open project on the table, he decided to make it a sequel to The Best Of Silly Home Videos. This was actually the first trailer he made for one of his films, and he made it because people were put off by "home videos" being in the title. Since, he has gone back and made trailers for all of his feature-length films but, for some time, this was the only one available outside of Films Under Ceej. They may be on YouTube now, but they were here first.

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