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Ceej Just Couldn't Wait To Get On The Road Again!


Road Trip 2009 Cover


Once The Ceej was done shooting The Road Trip 2009 (Shot, obviously, in the midwest United States), he returned home, only spend almost every hour of the next three weeks in his editing studio. Did he sleep in there? We don't know. If so, probably not much. We heard a lot of yelling.

The first thing he cut was not actually the film, but Part I of his internet series. Why? We think because, at the time, he was still on YouTube for the first time, and wanted to treat his subscribers to a little something after missing him for so long. Once he was done with that, he cut the film, and then returned to cut the remaining five parts of this internet series. We should mention that, while this internet series and the film itself uses much of the same footage, this series is not the same as the film and, in many ways, not as good as the film.


Part I: Roads Across America


Part I contains, as the soundtrack, two OC ReMixes. Twoson Hits The Road by DJ Pretzel, and Fisherman's Revelation by Bladiator and Tepid, respectively. Music is used with the permission of the artists.


Part II: Arch You Glad You're Watching This?


In Part II, all the music was created using Cinescore.


Part III: Just Visiting Or Moving In?


In Part III, the only music wasn't created using Cinescore were Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph and traditional Eastern dance, Streets Of Cairo, both of which are in the public domain.


Part IV: What Is This Place?


 In Part IV, all the music was created using Cinescore.


Part V: Meet Your Subscriber



Part VI: Something Fishy


See the credits for music information on Parts V and VI. The text in the middle was inserted as a breaking point because, originally, The Ceej planned to post it to YouTube. At the time, they had a ten-minute limit on their videos.  But, as it turned out, he could publish it as one video on Vimeo, so the two parts were just pasted together.

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