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Your Holiday Was Never This Funny. Actually, The Ceej's Wasn't Either. He Just Edited It That Way.



The Road Trip 2009 was shot in the summer of 2009 in the United States, as you can clearly see by the landmarks. The Ceej took a consecutive length of holiday from work, unprecedented in his adult life, to travel a long way from home, revisiting places from his past. In addition to making this film, The Ceej enjoyed this holiday in other ways, such as visiting Six Flags on a day with no scheduled shots, and eating at Lou Malnati's Pizza in Schaumburg, Illinois. Googley was a great actor and an even better friend. The Ceej has expressed a desire to cast him again for a video that ends up in Back On The Movies.

As this Disneyesque trailer suggests, The Road Trip 2009 features friends, Ceej, Apex Icon, and Googley who, all for reasons of their own, feel what they really need is a road trip. The film was never picked up by a studio, but The Ceej did release his own DVD version of it. This film cost The Ceej merely £900 to make. If you know him, maybe you can get a copy. It can't hurt to ask. The opening sequence by DJ Pretzel that the video refers to is called Twoson Hits The Road, and can be found at OCRemix.

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