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A Word Of Advice: If The Ceej Is Ringing You Up, Let It Go To Voicemail.


The Ceej doesn't usually make prank calls and, when he does, there is usually some point to it. Whether it be challenging a claim in your advert that you can't possibly honour, satirising your company policy by exploiting it, or making you feel uncomfortable because you left an advert on his car. But then again, sometimes he just has a really funny idea for a prank.

Unfortunately, only two of these prank calls is still online as most of them tend to have a limited lifetime. These two may very well be here forever, due to fan reception.



Where The Ceej is originally from, it's considered common practice to walk through a parking lot and just put your adverts on every car you can find. That's like saying, "Here. You throw this away." But, The Ceej never just throws it away. He tortures the poor soul. Once, he even recorded it. The really funny part is not in The Ceej's performance, but in the contrast between the guy's reactions to the two different types of people. That says a lot about the United States. Though it isn't without its joys, people like this make it not worth living in the States.


The Ceej's SpoofCard account allows him to call anyone from any number he wants, except for certain numbers which would be illegal for SpoofCard to allow spoofed.  For a couple days, he decided the devil should call some people, and he did.  The devil called a lot of people.  These are the good calls.


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