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Cover Art


The Ceej's double album, PatriPSYCHotic!, was pretty much an ongoing project from the release of Singing In The Shower to the end of June, 2010. The elements on the front album art were drawn by Joshua Mitchell, and composited and copyrighted by The Ceej. The inside front album art was humourously difficult, but ultimately done. The inside rear was originally supposed to be a map of the world according to Americans, but Mr. Ceej could never contact the author to secure the rights, so it was replaced with a simple disclaimer. The rear album art was a lot of photo manipulation work which ultimately depicts the United States if they had lost the revolutionary war.

The Ceej had many difficulties with this album, not the least of which was getting his voice to do what it needed to do to pull of some of these songs. In addition to filming two of these difficulties, he also made a low budget music video, shot in his last place of residence, using an early draft of a song he wrote for his good friend, David Morbey. Much of the presentation found in these projects is very crude, and we feel we should mention that, with the exception of the first video, the purpose of these videos is not necessarily to show off how good the album is, but to advertise the difficulty of creating it, as well as Mr. Ceej's persistence is getting it perfect. He never achieved the perfection he was going for, but he got closer than he ever had in the past.

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What you hear in this video of What If AT&T Ran The Suicide Hotline? is exactly what you hear on the CD, unless your internet or computer drops sound quality. This was posted online at the request one of the voice actors, who maintained permission to post the video online provided he credits The Ceej and doesn't make money off it.



The Ceej's photo crew were offended by his idea of a photo shoot, and elected not to take the required pictures. The Ceej, however, was determined to use this picture for the inside front cover art, so he set up the old camcorder and shot it this way. He took still frames from that, and ended up with the below picture:

Inside Front Art Of PatriPSYCHotic!


This video is The Ceej, in his studio, recording one complete take of his title song, PatriPSYCHotic! He also helped it with some added visuals. The audio is the draft he created immediately after that take, which uses many, but not all, of the vocals he recorded in that session. The choir is the former member of the United States Armed Forces, Veteran Of Conscience, who chooses to remain otherwise anonymous for obvious reasons.

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