Films Under Ceej: If It's Possible To Make Kentucky Entertaining, Ceej Can Do It.

It Could Be Worse.  It Could Be West Virigina.




This video is a trailer for a film The Ceej did because he just happened to be invited to a holiday in rural Kentucky.  The holiday was free, so The Ceej grabbed his camera and came along.  And that's a good thing too because, out of the over four hours of footage he picked up, there were almost ten minutes of hilarious material and almost enough more to pad the video to make it a full-length DVD.

There is an internet series version of this avaiable at the page for Lucky In Kentucky: The Internet Version.  This video is linked from his Vimeo.

We don't know why you would do this to yourself, but if you know The Ceej personally, and would like a copy, use the contact link and ask him politely.  We're sure when he's done laughing his arse off, he'll get you a copy.

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