Films Under Ceej: If It's Possible To Make Kentucky Entertaining, Ceej Can Do It.

It Could Be Worse.  It Could Be The Long Version. 


Lucky In Kentucky was filmed when The Ceej's parents offered to take him along on their holiday.  Being full-length, unscripted, and filmed in a rural area to be posted on the internet as-is would probably only be interesting to Mr. Ceej's friends.

So, The Ceej recut the footage into three parts that were internet friendly.  Each of the three parts were themed to maximise fan interest.  The first part is comprised of shots over the water, the second part is a Benny Hill-eque compilation of beach scenes, and the third part is The Ceej and his father pretending like they know a damn thing about music.

These videos are referenced from The Ceej's Vimeo, and can also be found on his YouTube.


Part I: Water We Doing Here:





Part II: Inspired By Benny Hill


Part III: I'm Gonna Smash Your Guitar!



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