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The Ceej Is Pretty Funny. But, Enough About His Looks.


The Ceej made his internet debut on YouTube, but realised, in 2009, while editing The Road Trip 2009, that he was going to have to delete his YouTube account. There's a huge an angry story behind that, but this isn't the place. This is the comedy site. Besides, nearly two years after that whole incident, The Ceej signed up for a new YouTube channel where he is currently a member of the Partner Programme.

After he left YouTube, he was on Dailymotion for a year, and then switched to Viddler until they went out of business, and now he's on Vimeo, where most of his videos here are still hosted. Some of them exist here exclusively as well. Most critics of The Ceej think his best video work is comedy, so let's see a few of the funny ones, shall we?


 This one was inspired, in part, by The Late Show With David Letterman, and in part by The Ceej's part time temp job in a school cafeteria.




 This quick video was inspired when The Ceej read Weird Al's edition of Mad Magazine. The Ceej would like to thank Mr. Yankovic for permission to use his material.



 This film, Disciplinary Action, punishes some poor trust fund kid for all the things you've wanted to say at work.  It almost makes you wish you had the bollocks to say these things...  The parodic nature of the video may not be as obvious as in most of Mr. Ceej's films, what with the parody being of real things instead of artistic things, but it's there, we swear. There's even a blooper reel at Mr. Ceej's YouTube.



 This film, The Hitchhiker Murderer, has been hailed, by many, as the best thing The Ceej has ever done. He disagrees, of course, but that doesn't change public approval. It pits two cliché villians against each other in this hilarious original crossover.


News As You'd Like It was The Ceej's first internet video, though it wasn't the one he wanted to do first. He still never made that one. It was filmed in November of 2008, when he still lived at the house his parents didn't want anymore, so they rented to him. It's a parody of local news broadcasts. That's all that needs to be said.



In The Director's Living Room With Stephen Cameron was the follow-up to News As You'd Like It. The Ceej thought it would be funny to interview himself, so he did. Some wish he wouldn't have, but a few are satisfied, so we are too. His editing skills were still in their infancy, so pardon the crude on-screen graphics.



God Complex was an interesting progressive concept. It began with The Ceej having the desire to duplicate, and expand upon, the Wooldoor Sockbat god complex joke from Drawn Together, and he did. But, that was just audio. Later, he came up with the idea of how to make a flame light itself on film, but had no ideas as to how to plausibly work that purely practical effect into a video. It wasn't until he combined the two ideas that God Complex became a reality. And, to date, only one person was able to discover his method without at least being given a hint. Do you think you can boost that number? There is a contact link at the top of the page and the YouTube presence welcomeed video responses of others' god powers back before Google took that option away.



God Complex II was sort of a moment of serendipity for The Ceej. He had another idea for a special effect and stuck it in a sequel to God Complex. No. He won't tell you how he did it. And no. No one has guessed correctly yet. He had an idea for a God Complex III, but he forgot about it.


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