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Our Test Groups Showed 54% Of People Preferred New Ceej. So Why The Huge Uproar For Classic Ceej?


The Ceej had the idea for a Classic Ceej series for a long time. He just couldn't be arsed to make it. He's begun, now, and will continue at his leisure until he bores of it, just like everything else he does. They will either be cut from his Silly Home Videos collection, or one of the two feature-length films he made from it.

These are referenced from Ceej's Vimeo.


Part I: Violence: A Staple Of Comedy is a recut version of a scene from The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos. It was shortened for the internet and bookended with its own opening and credits.



Part II: Insomnia: It Helps You Sell Your Joke was cut from The Best Of Silly Home Videos, and is part of a filmed improvisation contest The Ceej called The Act-Off. He and Apex were given the challenge to present an infomercial selling knives.

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