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The Best Of Silly Home Videos was the first full-length feature The Ceej ever made, and the first project he ever cut in a professional computer editing programme. Because it was his first, he made some mistakes. It was raw and gritty and the sequence left something to be desired. After his success at The Road Trip 2009, The Ceej decided to go back and recut The Best to make it worth watching. He changed the music that was there, added a lot that wasn't, in addition to sound effects and visual effects. Unfortunately, however, with the exception of new scenes inserted, the sequence remained the same. This was a result of his losing the original clips. He only had the final product to work with, unless he wanted to go back to his home video collection to dig them all back out again. This is the television spot that aired in 1999 when the Special Edition came out. You probably never saw it because it was overshadowed by some other film's "Remember" campaign. It doesn't mention it in the spot, but the music is by Cinescore.

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