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Some Say The Ad Campaign Was Funnier Than The Album...


Cover Art


The Ceej's most recent album, Armed & Gregarious, was in production for nearly five years, before finally coming out on June 27th, 2015. The rear cover art was drawn by Daniel Hill, and Ben Stahl helped The Ceej out on some of the music.

Many comedians helped The Ceej out with this album, including Myq Kaplan, Rob Paravonian, and "Weird Al" Yankovic, but a few went so far as to join The Ceej in a hilarious marketing campaign. A campaign which is now imortalised on this page.

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The first comedian to jump on the campaign was Joe Coughlin, who not only agreed to do it, but who wrote the bit. You should probably check out his Facebook page.



The next comedian to jump on board was Insane Ian who didn't write this bit per se, but ad libbed a good chunk of his lines, so he might as well be given a writing credit. He's considerably funnier than The Ceej, in spite of what he says in this video, so you should check him out.



After being endorsed by so many comedians, The Ceej sought out an endorsement from President Barack Obama. But, since the president wouldn't return his phone calls, he had comedian, Joshua Bush, do it. Check him out too.


Before releasing any comedian endorsements, The Ceej released a trilogy of short teaser videos, first on his Facebook, and later on YouTube. For the first time, you can see all three teasers combined into a single video.



President Obama wasn't happy about The Ceej getting Joshua Bush to impersonate him. It seems they got into it. Joshua Bush actually wrote most of this bit.



This video is a bit different, and is not a marketing video per se. The Ceej performs an acoustic rendition of I Don't Wanna Be Right, the final track from the album. We swear the album version is... ahem... slightly better.




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