Films Under Ceej: If It's Possible To Make Photo Slide Shows Entertaining, Ceej Can Do It.

When Films & Photos Conspire...


In the relatively short period of time that Photos Under Ceej™ was alive, it got so much support that fans have requested video slide shows. Not unlike an out of control snowball, these videos have also generated even more fans.  Fairly easy to make, The Ceej was more than happy to cut together a video of his photo work from time to time and set it to an awesome musical track from Sony's Cinescore, or one of Kevin MacLeod's beautiful pieces.

These videos are in full HD, which is limited at Vimeo.  For this reason, they are linked from The Ceej's YouTube for a change.  This is also the same reason you should take advantage of full screen, or better yet, use one of those home entertainment YouTube services and view these on your big screen.


Photos Under Ceej™ was a thing for a couple years before The Ceej tired of it.  It's still online because people still enjoy it and it still makes money from advertising revenue, but is no longer updated.  This retrospective was one final work created out of the existing photos to show off the evolution of Mr. Ceej's work from beginning to end, through both incarnations of PUC™.  Using the Cinescore theme, Southwest Sultry, as its soundtrack, partly to call back to the first PUC™ video, but mostly because it just sounds so awesome, you're sure to enjoy this video even if you don't care for the pictures.




Volume I is a beautiful collection of pictures including Redemption and Sunflare Reflected Off Green House, and is set to a beautiful, but moving, rendition of the Latin Cinescore theme, Southwest Sultry.




Volume II continues the tradition of beautiful photography with such beautiful shots as Drop-Off and Law.  Not content to remix Southwest Sultry so soon, The Ceej instead decided to set it against a moving electric Arabic tune.  A little Cinescore theme called Desert Zane that just happens to be in a harmonic minor key.




An accident ensured Volume III would be The End.  One final display of such beautiful images as Beginning and Journey before bowing out.  In order to memorialise the Photos Under Ceej™, The Ceej decided to use a piece by Kevin McLeod called Hero Down.




Within a few hours after the announcement of the accident, the fans donated a new camera to The Ceej, and Photos Under Ceej™ was rebooted.  And this is the new Photos Under Ceej Volume One, featuring such breathtaking photos as Thirsty and Private Contemplation as well as a musical arrangement by The Ceej made with clips composed by Cinescore.

Photos Under Ceej™ is no longer being updated.  The Ceej still takes photos from time to time, and still edits and uploads them, but only to his personal Facebook, or for use in other projects.


If you wish to contact Mr. Ceej - for interviews, auditions, permission to use his work, or any other reason you can think of - you may use the contact link at the top of the page.


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