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The Features On This DVD Are Special, But In More Of A Short Bus/Helmet-Wearing Way.

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The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos was a rather impressive editing job by The Ceej. The Best Of Silly Home Videos had three features of its own, Pain, Pyromania!, and Yakety Acts, which were all themed collections bookended by cheap opening and closing sequences. Originally, Pain was done by transferring DVD to DVD, which explains why it was cheap, but The Ceej tried to keep the style with still pictures for the other two features in order to keep them themed consistently. The Real John imitated this style, but with more advanced methods, not like you could tell. The reason for that was a callback to the first one. This is why The Ceej included a segment within the film itself called Pyromania! II which was more of a parody than a sequel.

There are some features from the film that aren't on the internet. Those features are listed below.

Full-length feature commentary with the film-makers

Student Film: Myron In The Mental

Home For The Hellidays

The Real John

Menu animation that depicts The Ceej stealing the Batmobile

But, as for the others, you can see them here. They are referenced from Ceej's Vimeo.


The Making Of The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos is, like many of these features, a parody of DVD special features. This is a parody of making of documentaries. The Ceej also had the idea to include a The Making Of The Making Of The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos, but ultimately decided the joke wouldn't be worth the work.



Despite the fact, this trailer has its own page, we've decided to repost it here, as well. After all, this is a special feature on the disc.

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