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The Ceej has been interested in directing almost as long as he's been interested in writing and that's why he ultimately began doing it. He can act, and he does in his films, but he prefers to have an entire cast unless comedy dictates otherwise (See The Making Of The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos). He doesn't have a huge budget for filming, but oddly enough, he has a home film studio that cost more than your local news station's set, and a home editing studio that cost well over £3000. This studio includes such programmes as Sony Vegas, Sony DVD Architect Pro, Sony Cinescore, Sony Acid Pro, Sony Sound Forge, Adobe AfterEffects, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Diamond One Touch, JVC Everio Studio, A Dell Studio laptop, and two custom built PC towers, to name a few. That said, there isn't much that can be done in Hollywood that Mr. Ceej can't do at home.

He's also, in the past, cast the talents of Joseph Bodkin, Apextual Icon, BG George, and Ankh Infinitus, and even Canadian television's Alan Holman, among others.

In addition to here, The Ceej also uploads videos to his Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

Even with all of the above being true, he has never once had a studio pick up a film of his.  As such, none of his films are commercially available, but many of them are available for free online viewing.  He doesn't make films quite as often as he'd like to, as he lacks the budget to do so.  However, you can change that with the donate button at the bottom of the page. Mr. Ceej hopes that to eventually have commercially available films and is currently working on two screenplays, and we will share part of those with you here as well. First, take a look at Mr. Ceej's filmography:


Cover Art Of The Film, Lucky In Kentucky
Lucky In Kentucky happened when The Ceej's parents invited him on a holiday to Kentucky Lake in the middle of nowhere.  Not being one to leave his camera behind, he ended up with almost enough decent footage to make a full-length film, available only friends and family.  However, the trailer is online, and some parts of it are available below.
Back On The Movies

Back On The Movies is actually a collection of all the videos The Ceej made, and will make, for the internet from the time he got his new camera to the time he fills a disc with content. Some of those videos are no longer available online, but they will all still be included in this film. And, he's getting close to filling the disc with content. You can even view the trailer for it by clicking here.

The 2nd Best Of SHV
The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos is a project The Ceej did, simply because he could. In the middle of the already restless project of PatriPSYCHotic!, The Ceej decided that his video editing skills had gotten so good, he could take inferior home video footage, and cut it together in a way that made it even more watchable than The Best Of, which was, of course, the best of the collection prior to processing. The reviews were outstanding. Even Mr. Ceej's most honest critics, such as Allan Ashbaugh, who said, while watching the original Best Of, "Dude, I'm about to fall asleep," said, of this film, "Awesome, dude." You can't see the whole thing unless you know The Ceej, but you can see the trailer here.
The Best Of SHV
The Best Of Silly Home Videos: Special Edition is a remake of the previous version of the same compilation. Cut in a better editing programme, now in 16:9 aspect ratio, added music, sound effects, and other special effects, it was a big enough change to get those who had seen the first one to see this one. They agreed this one was better. In fact, you can see the Remember television spot for the DVD release back in 1999, by clicking here.
Road Trip 2009
The Road Trip 2009 starred Chicagoan, Googley and was shot in the United States. The Ceej had to travel a long way from home, to places he hadn't been in years to shoot this, but he's glad he did. It was a fun experience for him. Like the others, it isn't commercially available, but you can view the trailer for it by clicking here.


Now, in addition to the full length films, Ceej also has a variety of internet videos, most of which can be seen here at Films Under Ceej. To see more, just click on the genre that interests you:


The Ceej Live (Live Comedy Performances)

Prank Calls

Classic Ceej

Special Features From The 2nd Best Of Silly Home Videos

Lucky In Kentucky: The Internet Version

The Road Trip 2009: The Internet Version

Photos Under Ceej


Videos About PatriPSYCHotic!


Also, Mr. Ceej is working on two full-length screenplays. Get some insight (but not enough to spoil anything) here.

The Ceej is currently in the process of casting and looking for crew for two internet films, as well as conceiving many more. If you are interested in being involved, please do use the contact link at the top of the page, not forgetting to explain where you reside and what sort of skill you're looking to provide for these films.


    Also, if you'd like to increase The Ceej's film budget so his internet videos will come out faster and with higher quality, you may donate to his art. The more money he has the higher the quality he can squeeze out of his art. You may donate by clicking on one of the buttons below:




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